Where is my confession?

Every day we receive several hundred confessions. Each is read and reviewed, discussed and then either entered onto the site or is saved, but not displayed. Every submission, displayed or not, remains in our data base.

We want to publish every confession we receive!

However, from time to time we receive a “confession” that does not meet the criteria we have set forth, or is simply not a confession at all. Some are cute stories. Some are complaints about a variety of things… We have compiled a list of the top reasons a submission may not be published.

Top Ten (or so…) Reasons
Why Your Confession [or Talk-Back™] Did Not Get Published:


You just might get rejected if…

…well, if you begin most every sentence with the word “Well…”

…it simply made no sense.

…we recently had a confession just like yours. Yes, it is your confession that matters to you, however, other site visitors become confused or annoyed when we have two very similar confessions on the site at the same time.

…you didn’t give it a title.

…your title was something like: “Help Me”, “Oooops”, “Was This Wrong…”, “This Is Not Really A Confession…”, I Confess…” or you give up the entire confession in the title. In this case, We may have published your confession, but with a more appropriate title.

…you used no periods… (no spaces, capitalization, etc…)

…two words – syntax error

… well just look up the definition of the word “adultery.” It has something to do with sex, but does not mean simply having sex.

…too Long!

…you make a not so correct medical or safety comment.

…YOUR confession was about what SOMEONE ELSE did, let them confess.

…that wasn’t a confession type 1:
it was a (pick one) rant, tirade, harangue, diatribe, fulmination, jeremiad, unkind stream of abuse.

…that wasn’t a confession type 2:
It was a situation that you are looking for advice. This is not Dear Abby or Letters of the Lovelorn.

…you mentioned toothbrush and toilet, we get several of these a day…

…you included a URL or an e-mail address.

…your Talk-Back™ completely missed an important item in the confession, hence, your Talk-Back™ made no sense at all