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…is the only place in the world that you can go to truly confess your sin (or sins), your transgressions, your humanity, in complete anonymity.

So, let it go! Tell the whole world what you did (or didn’t do.) Confess your sin (or sins) now, on the world’s Largest OnLine Confessional!

Get it OFF your chest and ON the only worldwide web confessional. This isn’t gossip, it’s the real thing.

Get ready for some amazing revelations! Confessions are updated continuously.

This is where you can actually confess the sins that you would never admit to your priest, or your mother for that matter!

Each confession is shamelessly presented to the entire planet, for the WHOLE WORLD TO READ! Confess your sin (or sins) now!

Daily Confession.com is a Secular (Not specifically relating to religion or to a religious body) forum. All views are equally represented without regard to race, creed, religion or political posture.

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  1. mondaysarered

    Yay! You’re back! I used to just read and not have an account but I thought it was about time I got myself registered.

  2. Odysseus

    I was beginning to wonder if this site would ever come back. I guess I can stop saying “now defunct” when I tell people about this site. :)

  3. momoftwinies

    aaah. I used to be ree. but my new name suits me better…haha. :)

  4. Katemeister

    YAY! We’ll be coming back in droves… don’t you worry, Webbie! So glad you’re back! We’ve missed you!!!!!

    1. webbie

      took a bit longer than I wanted, but we are back! hidieho Katemeister!

  5. Hazard

    Well this certainly is a pleasant surprise! I all but gave up on ol’ DC. Too bad I discovered it just before bedtime. I’ll be back!

    1. webbie

      Howdy Hazard! Great to see you here :)

  6. FlamingRose

    Welcome back DC!

    1. webbie

      Thanks! Great to be back!

  7. Skanga

    Ahhh yes – welcome back!!

    I have missed DC and my DC friends!

    Much love

    Skanga x

    1. webbie

      Skanga! HiHowAreYa!

  8. unluckyatlove

    I am so glad to see this site back up!!!! For those who remember me, I kept the username but I am no longer unlucky at love. After a lifetime of searching I found my true soul mate and am deliriously happy. Glad to see Gramps is here – how about Hazard?

    1. Hazard

      Yeah I’m still here unlucky, or lucky?

  9. magnolia0119

    so very glad to see dc back. just had this site on my mind a few days ago (guilty conscience perhaps???) and am thrilled to know it’s here.

  10. webbie

    Still have all of your pics! Here’s one…
    Gramps before grampshood

  11. `Gramps`

    And change that artwork. You’ve got enough pictures of me…

  12. `Gramps`

    Finally. A place for the sinful persons in this world to be able to unload again. Greg, you got any confessions to make?

    1. webbie

      I’m just getting warmed up. Before I start confessing again, I’m working on porting all of the “old” confessions into this new site.

      1. Silent_Jak

        Freaking awesome!!!! How about the old threads?

  13. MagdalenaG61

    Thats some great work right there.

  14. webbie

    Thanks for hanging in there! It’s been a long, strange trip – but we are back. working on tweaking and fixin’ and growin’… I didn’t want to wait until we had it “perfect” again :) I just thought, “what the heck. it’s working, let’s have some fun!”

  15. Sarah

    YOU’RE BACK! I’M SO HAPPY! I’ve been hanging out for years waiting for you guys to return! So stoked. So made my night. Yay!

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I’ve failed my bro

Hi everyone, This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever done, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself. The thing is, after several months of ‘falling’, I had finally become mired in a depression of the worst kind (by my standards at least). I lost faith, took pleasure in nothing, not …

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I been self harming myself and nobody knows

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I am ashamed of who I am

I live everyday ashamed of what I have done. I have had sex before marriage, I have stolen I have lied, I have cursed, I use God’s name in vain I have cheated,  I am an athiest BEGGING to be with God but I can’t and I dont know why. I want to know God …

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I told people in school a friend tried to rape me?

We are both males and I just really have no interest but I slept over in his house. He told me to if I will give him a BJ. I screamed, I was extremely scared next day I told everybody even though technically he did not rape me and now his gone through extreme abuse …

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Faking The Grade

I have done something horrible. I sent a fake semester grade to a university. Please forgive me GOD. I did an awful thing and I’m going to have to live with it for the rest of my life. Please forgive me.

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Careful What I Wish For…

Sometimes when my wife gets sick and claims she’s dying, I wish she would so that I could be single again and live my life as I want to

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First Time Writing

Hi. So this is my first time confessing. So I’ve got a lot on my chest. I married way too early because the girl took me home to her family and they decided they were arranging our engagement party without even bothering to tell me. I felt bad and probably should have said something but …

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Sin confession please read

I just wanted to come and confess my sins and pray that the lord will forgive me. Lord Please forgive me for lying stealing cheating cussing masturbation pornography lust and bestiality I want to put this out their for everyone to see and to let god know that I am truly sorry for the sins …

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Follow up on my last update..

I dont know , i used to live with grandma and i remember our neighbor and his sister she was like 4-5 i was 4and he was 9-11 and he said We were gonna play a game called doctor and he made his siter get on the table and he made her naked and searched …

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Yes im a 12 yearold boy …This is my worst sin that i can think of

… I watch gay porn alot… i like acting like im going to be raped… Then i ask forgiveness ,and God gives it to me then i do it again… Please God forgive me! Hebrews says that each time I sin and ask for forgiveness. God forgives. But if I do it willingly. God wont …

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Sometimes I Wonder If I Am The Only One

I have these phases where I am considered quite the frequent masturbator.  I just like it, I like to cum.  It has never really been hard for me to attract women and eventually have sex with them but nonetheless I always have to still find time to do it to myself whenever I get time. …

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my confession

some weeks ago i killed my cat by mistake because she didn’t behave herself. she was acting hostile hissing at me! i didn’t really want to kill her just to teach her a lesson? but she died.. i put many bottles of water on her and i tied all her legs so in the end …

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I have had gay sex with my friend, and now I can’t stop thinking about it and there is awkwardness between us and I don’t want to be gay

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Ten commandments broken one

So god oh ever powerful god I come to seek your forgiveness for having sinned against you I have view pornographic images and have master bated please forgive me.

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I have so much to confess for…

Okay, so I have never been religious, but my boyfriend thinks I should go to church and talk. I have been through so much in life and I have contemplated suicide. As i grew up, my mother and father were drunks.  I saw a lot of things I should have never seen. I saw my …

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I faked it…twice…today.

I had phone sex twice today and faked orgasms twice. And yes I’m a guy.

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Still Hurt

I have had a hard time lately thinking back on my childhood and some of the opportunities I missed out on because I thought my parents were “poor” after paying our school tuition at catholic school. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and appreciate them for putting all4 of us through Catholic school and …

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That day is holy, indeed

I confess that I fap at least four times a day on Sundays.  I don’t feel guilty about it in the slightest.

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Sabbath, man have I had such a hard time trying to get to church lately. My husband works every other weekend and I hate to go alone. The other weekend we go to bed so late it is hard to get up to go. My hubby works from 6pm to6am. So. We normally sleep until …

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DC Needs The Seven Sins – because I wrath!

I want to post a Wrath post – but I don’t want to put it under the all encompassing “Something Else”. This isn’t Something Else – this is Wrath. It has a name, it has a place, and it is in its own category. I Wrath because I am a perfectionist surrounded by lazy, incompetents. …

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